Images Everything - Andy Murray

Through many years in the Television Broadcast Industry, travelling to far flung places around the world such as Muscat in Oman, Doha in Qatar and Los Angeles in USA working on technical studio projects, photography has been a passion in each of those locations. Capturing the light. Capturing the moment. Capturing the imagination. Capturing how the world looks in any one particular instance and freezing it for all time.

Capturing photographic images is an art form, albeit assisted by technology. Nonetheless it is an art form that requires no lesser skill than a painter or a sculptor. The ability to see the world, and  beyond, and record it with all the beauty or ugliness it contains.

Beauty in Mono.jpg

Images can tell a story by the way they are framed and captured. Images can convey emotions or invoke emotions in the viewer. Or even memories.

Images are created from the photographers mind. Through their eyes and view of the world in front of them. They can be chaotic, serene, provocative, evocative, emotional or moving. Even world changing. An image can promote a response in the viewer that will live with them forever. That is the power of photography.